Mod version 1.1 is now live.

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 13th May 2023 in Updates

Mod version 1.1 is now available here!:!Aj8Wo4nZZETJjDTpbrypIDk6tPlu?e=p2lMjO and if you already have a game started, the usecode file fixes most conversation issues as well as adding a “sell” option to blacksmiths where they will buy back items they sell at 1/3rd original cost. Get the standalone usecode file here, just drop it into your patch folder and rewrite the old one:!Aj8Wo4nZZETJiCbTOkc_jCRuJHtI?e=GI91C9 See a full list of changes and fixes in the readme file. Also… if you are using Exult v 1.8… don’t! Please use 1.9 latest snapshot because most people’s issues are stemming from using the older version (Sherry not talking and a few others).

“We’re live, pal!”

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Ultima VI remake mod version 1.0 beta.

Download now

The end is near!

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 9th February 2023 in Updates
The end is near!  I've been working on this project off an on for longer than I'd like to admit but finally it's pretty much ready to get out the door.  Over the past few years I've worked from home so when things have been slow I've been able to do a lot of work on it.  It will never be "truly complete" but at least getting it out there in workable form there is always room to pick it back up and make changes here and there.  Pretty much everything is done.  All npcs have new portraits that I did by hand after writing a java program to help convert the original U6 portraits to an SI style format.  Most npc conversations are in a uniform format that I have made to resemble SI style conversations, albeit a few npcs I have missed.  The plot works, the game can be played through to the end and I have wrapped up a few sidequests.  There will probably be updates to it eventually as I had other plans for sidequests but as is the game works.  So with that said, we are shooting for an end of February beta release!

Obviously some things will need polishing, but I'm ready to reveal a new project we've been working on - Ultima II for Exult! It had been retconned in U6 to take place on Sosaria, so we have been coming up with something to fit within the lore and it should be pretty awesome.  Knowing what I know now, and all the tricks I've learned along the way, and an (almost) minor in game design..  shouldn't take me this long! In fact, I already have the bare bones of the map ready (at least one of the maps that is!).  But more on that later...      

I have uploaded the beginning of a playthrough of the Ultima 6 mod on my youtube channel to hype up the release and to provide a walkthrough of sorts.  I will also do a video on the sidequests and other secrets out there (The ones I can remember!).  Once the mod is released, I am going to probably either release videos of the progress on the Ultima 2 mod, or possibly stream it live as I am working on it since people like that kind of thing!  

You can view the first video here on my youtube channel:

Until next time!

 - AOG

Quick update.

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 26th February 2020 in Updates

Hey everyone, time for another update! Right now the mod is finally in the later stages where plotwise the game is finished, just needing the fine tuning of every npc and testing. Some non plot essential dungeons need to be finished. Npcs need finished portraits and a few side quests need to be finished (solving the Quenton murder, a sidequest tying up a loose end from U5, and some minor ones.  It’s been a slow process, but we are determined to get it finished!  -AgentOrangeGuy

Regaining the passion and diligently working on getting the mod under control!

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 17th August 2018 in Updates
It’s been a while since an official update, but huge amounts of work has been done since then.  Hythloth is complete and you can travel to the other side to the gargoyle realm which is complete pending some cleaning up and adding a few things.  All of the gargoyle shrines are done and working, I did a recolor of the U7 gargoyle shrines to make them look less weathered since they were underground for a while instead of out in the open air for 200 years.  Beh Lem is now able to get in the party, but he just needs a new paperdoll and artwork.  I’m working on plot essential npcs first to get some testing done while I flesh out the rest.  Still working on the details of an interesting sidequest involving something Chuckles has been hiding from his past.. it will have a couple of alternate endings… a very “evil Avatar” ending which will give you a massive karma hit, a sorta evil ending that will give you a slight karma hit, and a few possible endings where there is a coverup (Think what happens when you talk to Torrisio in SI about those stockings!) and you can go no further.  Either way, you get some payback from all those horrible jokes!
After a very long time, we now have a functional balloon! It’s still not 100% where I want it to be but you can unpack the balloon, get it up in the air, fly it around, land it, pack it up, and carry it.  So now the Gargoyle shrine can be reached via the balloon.
Plot wise, we’re almost done…. as in very much almost done. I think some things need to be pieced together, like the gargoyle quests (submitting to Draxinusom, getting the broken lens, getting it fixed, getting a human lens, and so on.) Speaking of the amulet of submission, I did a recolor and editing of an SI Amulet and it turned out pretty good.
Not too far away now! Until next time!

2017 Project Update – We’re still alive …

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 4th April 2017 in Updates

Hello everyone, back with a big update! Updates might be few and far between but work is still being done on the mod. I’ve been going back and forth between the usecode stuff and map work. I have finished a few more plot-essential dungeons: Shame (Despise?), Destard, Covetous/Wrong. I’ve fixed/added more of the main npcs conversations such as the hungry pirate you find in Shame and Bonn, the crazy hermit, and Sutek.

Work has started on a brilliant side plot schemed up by Pegbyter, regarding everyone’s favorite jester, Chuckles. It will solve a dangling plot thread from U5, and will have different ways to solve it, like a good Avatar or a very unvirtueous one. Some secret areas have been added that go along with it. Purists can go about the game and not even bother with the side plot or need to visit the areas, but you’ll definitely want to.

In between map work and coding the npcs, I’ve been working on getting the U6 balloon off the ground, so to speak. At the moment it lacks new shapes, but progress has been made. The next dungeon to be worked on will be Sutek’s catacombs, where his crazy experiments splicing things together weren’t limited to animals and monsters…

I have realized recently that while this is has been a huge project for all of us, it actually seems like while we have a lot to do, we’re VERY far along and it doesn’t seem as overwhelming anymore. Plotwise, the first half of the game is almost complete (everything on the Britannian overworld). Most plot critical npcs, dungeons, and map areas are just about finished. The remaining plot essential dungeons to the first half of the game that still need to be created are Captain Hawkins’ grave, Sutek’s catacombs, and Hythloth. That would leave the gargoyle world, gargoyle dungeons/shrines and all gargoyle npcs. Once the main plot can be played, filling in the rest won’t be hard at all. Knowing that the mod isn’t too far off now, things are coming along much easier. Until next time!


Blood and more blood.

Hidden area

Hidden area.

Sutek’s Lab

More cow bells?

Sewers never looks so good.




Don’t wake the sleeping dragon. Destard


Covetous / Wrong

Update on the project!!

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 4th October 2016 in Updates
It’s been a while since we’ve updated things here! Rest assured, work on the mod has picked up quite a bit as of late.  I’ve been working on getting an idea of where we’re at in the mod via spreadsheet and what needs to be done, fixed, added, and so on.  It’s been a huge help in figuring out what to do next.  For the past few days I’ve been doing map work, finishing both the Britain sewers and Buccaneer’s Cave areas since they both connect.  The overworld seems to be near complete, just needing some fine tuning and cleaning up here and there.  NPCs in the overworld are mostly done, with a handful still needing to be done and many needing some fine tuning.  Crowley is still working hard on the backlog of new sprites and things needed for the mod, and Pegbyter has been working on a sidequest that isn’t crucial to the game, but will shed new light on some things from U5.  A hint of what’s to come:  Have you ever wanted to get revenge on Chuckles that didn’t involve shooting him with a cannon? Perhaps he’s been hiding something all of these years… something that Lord British wouldn’t find very virtuous…
Sorry for the long time in between updates, but we’ve been working sporadically and are determined to see this to the finish line! We’re still looking for pixel artists who can finish the portraits and make them look nice, so let us know if you’re willing and able!

Journey Onward …

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I apologise for the lack of updates to the main site, however, things have been active behind the scenes.  Yes, that picture is indeed our title screen…the issue has been resolved, thanks to the offered help of Zacros!  The title screen problem had been nagging us so long that I had stopped concentrating on a demo but just fixing other issues with coding that I could resolve.  So now, I’m trying to get something together once more.  At the very least, I’ll put in Britain and maybe another town that I have complete for the most part.  The intro will be included even though it is a “working rough draft” of it and not completely polished yet.  What you will see should give you an idea of how the intro will function.  Until then, take a moment to bask in the awesomeness of the new title screen.

To make up for the lack of major updates on the site, we’ve created a Facebook page so you’ll be able to keep up with some of the “micro updates” and progress before major updates are made.  A lot of the work done on the mod is consistent but not big enough to warrant an site update, but a lot of map work and coding is done in the mean time.   You can find that page here: so “Like” and “Share” it!


My new years resolution is….holy crap it’s August!

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 11th August 2014 in Updates

Sorry for the long delay in updating! While the title screen situation has held up things a little, we’ve still been doing some work on the project. Crowley has been hard at work with new shapes, with some new shapes for Sentri and Katrina, as well as one for Jaana in the works.  Other graphical upgrades to things we needed such as the gears have been included also. Aside from doing some map work and coding here and there, I have also attempted to work on the U6 Balloon.  Aside from an incredibly clunky last ditch solution, I’ve been working on how to create it as a barge, kind of like the magic carpet in U7.  I actually have one somewhat functional, albiet a few eyesores dealing with wrong looking graphics while turned but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for one of our new team recruits who has been helping me with new graphics for the balloon itself.  Also, we’ve got someone to help with coding and writing for a subplot that I think hardcore and purist fans of U5 will enjoy.  When I hear from the new recruits I’ll officially add them to the team in a new update.  

So I once again apologize for the lack of updates, as you know real life crap gets in the way but I’ve been working on it here and there so it never has gone stagnant behind the scenes.  Hopefully, the title screen problem will be fixed and we can resume with the demo. 


Katrina Grpahics:

katrina00 katrina01 katrina02 katrina03 katrina07 katrina08 katrina29 katrinabody



Sentri Graphics:

sentri00 sentri01 sentri02 sentri03 sentri29 sentribody



Pushme Pullyu and demo update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 23rd September 2013 in Updates

Another quick update to show we’re still alive and kicking! The demo right now is in testing phases, finding a lot of bugs and such that needed to be fixed before any sort of release.  The big issue right now is the title screen.  You can read the struggle on the Exult forums, and I’m not exactly sure why it isn’t working.  I’ve made two title screens, one from the original U6 title graphics and one that I altered the original black gate title screen from.  Both title screens show up as either a garbled square, or blank (black screen with menu options).  I’m not very literate with any sort of paint programs so the problem might be how I’m creating them, or if I’m even using the correct palette formats or something.  So, if anyone out there wants to take a stab at this problem, please do.  Maybe someone out there can create a title screen for us that actually shows up like the TFL title did in their mod.  If you want to learn the basic stuff, here is the thread on the Exult forum that I have been following:

If you can create a working title screen for us, you’ll be credited for it and given our thanks, and a huge hurdle in releasing a demo will be cleared.    I have exhausted all options on getting it done myself, I’ve tried everything I can think of.  Hopefully, someone out there knows what they are doing and can help out.  In other news, here is a pic of new shape created of Pushme Pullyu by a contributor who wished to remain anonymous:

horsy.png02 deadpushpull deadpushpull2




– Agentorangeguy