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New shapes and animation

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 17th November 2011 in Updates
This weeks update does not boast a whole lot of new changes other than AgentOrangeGuy has been working on the crypts and cleaning up dagger isle and the Shrine of Honesty .He did make a relic from U5… Windemere (which oddly enough was located near where Ambrosia is in u7). The castle is in ruins of course, but he plans on making a sidequest on getting a magebane sword and magic armor from the castle. it will have a back story on what happened to it after U5 and it is obviously sinking due to the earthquakes.  He pretty much made the castle almost an exact replica of how it looked in U5, just that it is in ruins (there will be a story for that too).
Crowley has done some fantastic shape and animation work. He’s created a new shape for Gwenno and the man in the stocks, Sinjen. Check out the images below:
 SinjenSinjenGwenno Body :)GwennoGwennoGwenno

World Build update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 3rd November 2011 in Updates
Moonglow is complete structure-wise, it just needs roof work done and some slight fixing of the map, and then npcs.  U6 books will be imported to fill the Lycaeum, and then the U7 books that would fit in. We will be taking submissions via the website for custom books to be imported into the game.  Here are some ideas we are looking for: “historical accounts” of events from past games or current (u6) events, diaries, treatises, stories, poems and other written things similar to the random books you’d find in U7.  Just keep them relevant to the game, and not too big (about the size of u7 books). Please email us all submissions.