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Regaining the passion and diligently working on getting the mod under control!

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 17th August 2018 in Updates
It’s been a while since an official update, but huge amounts of work has been done since then.  Hythloth is complete and you can travel to the other side to the gargoyle realm which is complete pending some cleaning up and adding a few things.  All of the gargoyle shrines are done and working, I did a recolor of the U7 gargoyle shrines to make them look less weathered since they were underground for a while instead of out in the open air for 200 years.  Beh Lem is now able to get in the party, but he just needs a new paperdoll and artwork.  I’m working on plot essential npcs first to get some testing done while I flesh out the rest.  Still working on the details of an interesting sidequest involving something Chuckles has been hiding from his past.. it will have a couple of alternate endings… a very “evil Avatar” ending which will give you a massive karma hit, a sorta evil ending that will give you a slight karma hit, and a few possible endings where there is a coverup (Think what happens when you talk to Torrisio in SI about those stockings!) and you can go no further.  Either way, you get some payback from all those horrible jokes!
After a very long time, we now have a functional balloon! It’s still not 100% where I want it to be but you can unpack the balloon, get it up in the air, fly it around, land it, pack it up, and carry it.  So now the Gargoyle shrine can be reached via the balloon.
Plot wise, we’re almost done…. as in very much almost done. I think some things need to be pieced together, like the gargoyle quests (submitting to Draxinusom, getting the broken lens, getting it fixed, getting a human lens, and so on.) Speaking of the amulet of submission, I did a recolor and editing of an SI Amulet and it turned out pretty good.
Not too far away now! Until next time!