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Weekly progress update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 18th October 2011 in Updates

AgentOrangeGuy has been working on random things like the map, getting a few areas structurally fixed like New Magincia and currently building Sutek’s castle. Also, he’s been fixing the Fens of the Dead and adding the shipwrecks, and working on some in-game books… one of which will explain what happened to The Empire… Captain Hawkins ship that according to Homer, was wrecked “on the cape southwest of here, near Serpents’ Hold”.  Presumably, this was after the crew offed Hawkins. This ship was also where a piece of the map was located. He has tied that all together very nicely.  Only 2 towns remain to be built, New Magincia and Moonglow.

AgentOrangeGuy thinking big

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 6th October 2011 in Updates

Here are some ideas that AgentOrangeGuy has and is trying to implement:

I have a ton of good usecode ideas that I flutter back and forth to. One such idea was having animals spawn raw meat, that would need to be cooked to be edible.  It worked somewhat, but I needed to work some bugs out of it first.  It would make more sense having to cook it rather than carving it straight from the animal and shoving it into the mouth of a hunger stricken, complaining Iolo.
Another idea is one that could be used in a different, unique mod once we’re done.  I could probably implement it in the U6 mod in one area – the gargoyle war.  once all the shrines are cleansed, and the avatar needs to go through Hythloth, there will be a fortress built into the first level (some of it above ground) that will need to be cleared out. There will also be a few gargoyle war parties that will wander the area.  So, one of the guard units I will make will be freed up to help for the final assault on the gargoyles in Britannia.  I plan on doing some usecode into the commander’s conversation to allow for user input in coordinates and to be able to give an attack order at a given time.  So, basically you’d talk to this npc, who is waiting for orders. You’d give him an attack order , user input coordinates (sliding scale input) and time of day (0-7)(also sliding scale).  That would teleport  the soldiers tot hat area (putting it in their schedules), put them in attack mode, and have them attack all evil enemies like gargoyles. theoretically, you could have them patroll certain hotspots you want back up in (for example, placing htem on the crossroads to fight the bandits).