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My new years resolution is….holy crap it’s August!

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 11th August 2014 in Updates

Sorry for the long delay in updating! While the title screen situation has held up things a little, we’ve still been doing some work on the project. Crowley has been hard at work with new shapes, with some new shapes for Sentri and Katrina, as well as one for Jaana in the works.  Other graphical upgrades to things we needed such as the gears have been included also. Aside from doing some map work and coding here and there, I have also attempted to work on the U6 Balloon.  Aside from an incredibly clunky last ditch solution, I’ve been working on how to create it as a barge, kind of like the magic carpet in U7.  I actually have one somewhat functional, albiet a few eyesores dealing with wrong looking graphics while turned but that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for one of our new team recruits who has been helping me with new graphics for the balloon itself.  Also, we’ve got someone to help with coding and writing for a subplot that I think hardcore and purist fans of U5 will enjoy.  When I hear from the new recruits I’ll officially add them to the team in a new update.  

So I once again apologize for the lack of updates, as you know real life crap gets in the way but I’ve been working on it here and there so it never has gone stagnant behind the scenes.  Hopefully, the title screen problem will be fixed and we can resume with the demo. 


Katrina Grpahics:

katrina00 katrina01 katrina02 katrina03 katrina07 katrina08 katrina29 katrinabody



Sentri Graphics:

sentri00 sentri01 sentri02 sentri03 sentri29 sentribody