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Smooth update: New Crowley graphics

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 14th May 2012 in Updates

Things going smoothly….

-Map work is coming along well, the desert area has been finished. Crowley is working on the ant mound entrances, making them actually resemble ‘mounds’ instead of holes in the ground. Also, he is working on earthen steps to resemble dirt stairways to the surface rather than having actual stairs/ladders as the original had.

– Crowley completed a new sprite for Iolo, that more closely resembles his intro look and less like the U7 old fart. Lute playing frames are included 😀

– The ants are still a work in progress, just waiting on some more frames to be completed.

– Other sprites in the works are new looks for the gypsies Blaine, Taynith, and Karina the young dancing gypsy, that closely resemble their U6 portraits.

– Minoc is complete albiet a few npcs needing usecode work.

The map is somewhat complete structurally, all cities and towns are finished in that regard. All shrines are completed with the exception of the Shrine of Spirituality. The Cyclops cave, Spider cave, Moonglow crypts, and some other outlying areas are finished or near finished.