Project info

The goal of this project is to update U6 using U7 graphics and Exult engine, for those of us who aren’t into the 3D feel of the Ultimas. It has been something I always wished I could do, long before Exult came into being, but now it is possible. This conversion will stay true to the original game but update the storyline a bit to reflect the warlike atmosphere, new npcs to help tie in loose ends or create new sidequests, and elaborate on things in game that wasn’t possible with the Ultima 6 engine.

At present the team consists of:

  • AgentOrangeGuy – Project Leader/Usecoder/Gimp Guru/World Builder & everything else.
  • ZygonDragon – Webmaster/NPC conversation conversion/World Building.
  • Crowley – Custom shapes and other stuff.
  • Archangel – Music Maestro.

Needed: people proficient in GIMP and/or usecode to help and to have new graphics for intro/end game etc. Email inquires: agentorangeguy at yahoo dot com