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Update: Bee hives and ant mounds

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 18th November 2012 in Updates
The ant mound is finished – all levels of it- with a few minor things needed.  Crowley has made earthen steps leading up out of each ant mound hole that we are using instead of stone or wood steps.

The second level of the Britain sewers are also completed now.  I made it resemble actual sewers, where in the original U6 seemed to be very bare.  Those underground rivers? They look disgusting now.  Garbage strewn everywhere.  I am working to complete the 3rd level at the moment.

Another new shape Crowley has made – Beehives.  I no longer have to use barrels as place holders, and the beehives look nice!

Coming soon: The scripted opening, at least the first version of it. I hope to release a demo soon that starts with that intro, and then a city/dungeon that is avaliable for demo.