Mod version 1.1 is now live.

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 13th May 2023 in Updates

Mod version 1.1 is now available here!:!Aj8Wo4nZZETJjDTpbrypIDk6tPlu?e=p2lMjO and if you already have a game started, the usecode file fixes most conversation issues as well as adding a “sell” option to blacksmiths where they will buy back items they sell at 1/3rd original cost. Get the standalone usecode file here, just drop it into your patch folder and rewrite the old one:!Aj8Wo4nZZETJiCbTOkc_jCRuJHtI?e=GI91C9 See a full list of changes and fixes in the readme file. Also… if you are using Exult v 1.8… don’t! Please use 1.9 latest snapshot because most people’s issues are stemming from using the older version (Sherry not talking and a few others).