Our first working innkeeper

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 7th February 2012 in Updates
Doris from Minoc is our first functioning innkeeper.  I implemented the ‘now or later’ inn feature where you can do it U6 style or U7 style.  The only drawback to U6 style right now is that it doesn’t heal you as of yet.  Until I figure out how to do that without doing it manually and very ‘clunky’ (lots of code that isn’t worth it), it just passes time until checkout time (9am next day). The fade and unfade works just fine.  The U7 style works but I need to make the egg to where you give the key back or the stuff that happens when your late.

I also fixed the conversations of Dale the glassblower. you can buy jars, glass (glass cup) and hand mirrors ( desk item) along with the glass sword. I did some map work, doing much fixes to the NW coastline .  I did the edging on  the coast with the deep water to shallow water (blue to white). – AgentOrangeGuy

Odkin has done some amazing work on the new portraits. Here is a quick glance at some of his work in progress: