In game books and progress update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 10th October 2012 in Updates

New Magincia and Serpents Hold are now complete with working NPC’s, Moonglow is halfway finished. The overworld map is near complete, just a little touching up here and there and adding a few areas like Stonegate castle and finishing up with Sutek’s place. Paws needs NPC conversations done, then all cities will be fully functional.

Crowley and Sythifuge have been working on new shapes. Crowley has made some more U6 armor shapes such as the spiked collar and is currently working on new sprites for hat-wearing npcs such as Tholden, and new sprites for the gypsies Taynith, Blaine, and the dancing gypsy girl. Sythifuge has supplied us with his shapes for the Avatar’s house on earth, that will be used for the fully scripted U6 intro. Screenshots will probably be shown in a future update.

We have been getting some excellent book submissions, which the count stands at 4 right now. Keep them coming!

We need some more graphics artists to help finish touching up the U6 portraits. If you think you can help out, send me an email agentorangeguy(at)yahoo(dot)com.


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  2. The Cookie Monster says:

    Really good job guys, I can’t wait to play this! I never really liked the U6 engine so I’m still yet to finish this one. I had to pull out U7 again after I saw this.

    When are you planning on releasing this? Just a guesstimate if possible.

  3. joebonk says:

    Fantastic. Ultima6 is a great idea. And I too disliked the u6 engine and the tiles it used. The inventory was a lot of work for the player. I prefer U5’s names to the many item spots u6 used. U7 inventory is better, though it can be a pile up sometimes but still much better. Fantastic that you’re doing this. U6 books were really nice as you could read several pages. I think u7 books at the mot had 4 or 5 pages. But they are few.

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