General update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 7th December 2011 in Updates

AgentOrganGuy has been hacking and slashing away at the usecode. The part of the rune of valor quest where you enlist Sherry’s help is done.  As of right now, it is scripted due to the game locking up when ‘going solo’ with Sherry (Avatar polymorphed into Sherry and vice versa). The rune of Valor can be obtained now, and soon the shrine will be able to be freed. All cities and towns are structurally complete, some just need npcs and conversations finished.  Right now he’s working on the main points of the plot (being able to get the runes, free the shrines), and cleaning up some areas here and there on the map.

Map of Britannia

Screenshot section updated

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 5th December 2011 in Updates

I’ve just updated the screenshot section with the latest builds screenshots. Britannia has never looked so good!

New shapes and animation

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 17th November 2011 in Updates
This weeks update does not boast a whole lot of new changes other than AgentOrangeGuy has been working on the crypts and cleaning up dagger isle and the Shrine of Honesty .He did make a relic from U5… Windemere (which oddly enough was located near where Ambrosia is in u7). The castle is in ruins of course, but he plans on making a sidequest on getting a magebane sword and magic armor from the castle. it will have a back story on what happened to it after U5 and it is obviously sinking due to the earthquakes.  He pretty much made the castle almost an exact replica of how it looked in U5, just that it is in ruins (there will be a story for that too).
Crowley has done some fantastic shape and animation work. He’s created a new shape for Gwenno and the man in the stocks, Sinjen. Check out the images below:
 SinjenSinjenGwenno Body :)GwennoGwennoGwenno

World Build update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 3rd November 2011 in Updates
Moonglow is complete structure-wise, it just needs roof work done and some slight fixing of the map, and then npcs.  U6 books will be imported to fill the Lycaeum, and then the U7 books that would fit in. We will be taking submissions via the website for custom books to be imported into the game.  Here are some ideas we are looking for: “historical accounts” of events from past games or current (u6) events, diaries, treatises, stories, poems and other written things similar to the random books you’d find in U7.  Just keep them relevant to the game, and not too big (about the size of u7 books). Please email us all submissions.

Weekly progress update

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 18th October 2011 in Updates

AgentOrangeGuy has been working on random things like the map, getting a few areas structurally fixed like New Magincia and currently building Sutek’s castle. Also, he’s been fixing the Fens of the Dead and adding the shipwrecks, and working on some in-game books… one of which will explain what happened to The Empire… Captain Hawkins ship that according to Homer, was wrecked “on the cape southwest of here, near Serpents’ Hold”.  Presumably, this was after the crew offed Hawkins. This ship was also where a piece of the map was located. He has tied that all together very nicely.  Only 2 towns remain to be built, New Magincia and Moonglow.

AgentOrangeGuy thinking big

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 6th October 2011 in Updates

Here are some ideas that AgentOrangeGuy has and is trying to implement:

I have a ton of good usecode ideas that I flutter back and forth to. One such idea was having animals spawn raw meat, that would need to be cooked to be edible.  It worked somewhat, but I needed to work some bugs out of it first.  It would make more sense having to cook it rather than carving it straight from the animal and shoving it into the mouth of a hunger stricken, complaining Iolo.
Another idea is one that could be used in a different, unique mod once we’re done.  I could probably implement it in the U6 mod in one area – the gargoyle war.  once all the shrines are cleansed, and the avatar needs to go through Hythloth, there will be a fortress built into the first level (some of it above ground) that will need to be cleared out. There will also be a few gargoyle war parties that will wander the area.  So, one of the guard units I will make will be freed up to help for the final assault on the gargoyles in Britannia.  I plan on doing some usecode into the commander’s conversation to allow for user input in coordinates and to be able to give an attack order at a given time.  So, basically you’d talk to this npc, who is waiting for orders. You’d give him an attack order , user input coordinates (sliding scale input) and time of day (0-7)(also sliding scale).  That would teleport  the soldiers tot hat area (putting it in their schedules), put them in attack mode, and have them attack all evil enemies like gargoyles. theoretically, you could have them patroll certain hotspots you want back up in (for example, placing htem on the crossroads to fight the bandits).

Weekly update: Serpents Hold

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 26th September 2011 in Updates

Things are certainly moving along quiet nicely with AgentOrangeGuy’s latest update, which mainly consisted of Serpents Hold. He’s finished Loubet’s training area and the keep. Still no NPC’s but looking very good. He also did some general map work, tweaking dialogues and eggs for the Quenton Side quest.

Odkin has finished the Yew portraits, screenshots to follow very soon.

We have a new member Crowley who is tackling new shapes, old shapes and other stuff. He has been working on a new shape for Gwenno.

Stay tuned…


Loose ends from Ultima 5 to be tied up.

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 19th September 2011 in Updates

AgentOrangeGuy has been doing some map building here and there, concentrating on Serpents’ hold, currently working on the keep.  He will be doing some usecode and adding a few things here and there on the map, specifically to tie up loose ends from U5. Such as, have you ever wondered what happened to the Oppression after Blackthorn was banished? What happened to some of the buildings? The walls around towns?  Also, you’ll find out just why Horance is there in Skara Brae in the first place…To be continued…

Weekly update: New portraits

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 17th September 2011 in Updates

My last weeks work has been dedicated to the beta testing of the new Queton side quest in Skara Brae. AgentOrgangeGuy has nicely put together a new side quest to tie up the loose ends which haunt the original Ultima VI plot. I shan’t say anymore as I don’t want to spoil it for you.

AgentOrgangeGuy (a part from the massive work in the Quenton side quest) has been fixing rivers, shrines, general map work and fine tuning his “brawl engine”.

Other news, we have a new member, Odkin, who is touching up all the portraits to match the quality of those in Serpents Isle. Hopefully we can convince him to help out with the intro and end game graphics too. Check out some of his work so far. Absolutely stunning. Don’t forget to check out the new screenshots in the screenshot section too.


Weekly progress “brawl engine”

Posted by Zygon Dragon on 2nd September 2011 in Updates

Hats off to AgentOrgangeGuy as this week his tinkering with the usecode has led to a true to Ultima VI brawl engine. In Jhelom the NPC’s start brawling at 9pm or when you ask a few of them about the rat/mouse, as they disagree  with each other they start to brawl.

Apart from that he has also fixed a few NPC schedules in Lord British’s castle, moved a a couple of shrines that were out of place, general map cleaning and is still slogging away at the NPC conversation usecode.

I’ve been mainly working on NPC conversions this week, concentrating on Serpents Hold.